Install WhatsApp on Windows 7


Don’t have smartphone? No worries, because we can still connect and chat to your friends who has WhatsApp installed on their smartphone trough our windows 7 pc. All we need is BlueStacks and a valid phone number. Installation process is simple, here’s the steps.

1. Download and install BlueStacks for windows (It will install Android apps on your Windows), will take sometime to download and install especially if you have low speed internet.

2. When first step down and you android running, on the main menu click on “Messaging”, several apps will appear and click on WhatsApp to download install WhatsApp messenger.

3. WhatsApp require a valid phone number for registration process and validation. They will send you a 3 digit code to your phone.

4. Next, add contact (friends phone number, and must be registered to WhatsApp) to your new installed BlueStacks in order to start WhatsApp messaging.